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So today, I spent a bit of time updating Wikimapia around Rose-Hulman. In doing so, I looked up the exact name of a few buildings using the map on Rose's website. I happened then to stumble onto the virtual tour campus life page which has photographs of various people and places on campus. I quickly noticed, however, that these pictures were wildly out of date. I recognized noone in any of the pictures (except Dr. Ditteon) and in fact recognized a person using a laptop as using one of the old Acer brand laptops that were given out to people who were Juniors or Seniors when I was a freshman.

I thought, "Well this is absurd! Surely I can contact someone to get something done about this!" So I called IAIT to find out whose responsibility it was to maintain the site. The person at the help desk gave me the run around and said it wasn't their responsiblity to update such things. I assured them that I had only called to find out whose responsiblity it was since they do in fact control the website. IAIT suggested that I call student affairs, so I did. It took 5 calls before the phone was answered by something other than immediate voice-mail. The nice lady on that end suggested that perhaps Dale Long could be of some assistance, so I was transferred there. In the course of discussing my concerns with Mr.Long, I discovered that this particular duty belonged to Bryan Taylor who was out of the office today.

This shouldn't have been this difficult. I originally planned to just fire off an email to Jakubowski. That would probably get more done anyway...

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