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Firstly I must say: Do what you want.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks, so I will try to put everything down. Two weeks ago, I went to Argonne National Laboratory to give a talk about my summer research with Dr. McInerney and Nexaura at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. It wasn't anything particularly exciting -- just a 15 minute talk. Immediately thereafter, I drove to Bloomington because I had to take the Physics GRE at the Kelly School of Business the next day. The exam was rather difficult. I fear that I did rather poorly.

The next week was the last week of the quarter. As such (and because I was only taking CS classes this quarter), I had three projects due -- one on tuesday and two on thursday. The graphics project was due on tuesday, so Krallja, Feng, Fritz and I spent many hours working on that on Monday. Many further hours were spent later on working on the AI project that I had. The problems with AI have be detailed previously. The project for aspects was mainly the done by Mark (he had the most experience with Ruby), but Rob and I did new sample stuff so it wasn't a complete wash.

Anyway, I survived and had no finals so last week was off. I spent most of it playing Final Fantasy XII though I did get at least one of my signatures for Theta Xi. I had to beat The Legend of Zelda without a sword. Maps and save states made this significantly easier (i.e., possible).

Yesterday, I drove Imani to the airport and then came back to Anderson. I spent most of my time yesterday playing more FFXII, though I did go visit my grandparents. It was...depressing. My grandfather seems to be losing himself. He was much better today, but it was painful to be around him when was like that. I don't know how much longer he will be around at this rate.

On a lighter note, I called EB and found out that I could pick up my Wii at midnight. So I'll be treking out in about 4 hours to get my cool new thing. Good times.

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