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I watch; I write
So, in the last two days I have finished watching two series.

Yesterday, I finished watching Elfen Lied. For those no familiar with the premise, the show's first episode begins with a naked girl with a head shielding helmet walking through corridors cutting people in half with psychic powers, deflecting bullets, and otherwise causing huge sprays of blood. She ends this scene by beheading the just-introduced cute clumsy girl and then using her torso to shield herself from a hail of bullets. The show then morphs into a bit of an unwanted harem with occasional scenes of pure brutality. I think it would be fair to say that every single secondary character could be fairly characterized as being complete monsters. It isn't at all clear to me what the target audience of this show is. It is even less clear to me why ADV thought licensing it (and even dubbing it at that) was going to be good for them. Oh yeah, it also has the implied rape of a 13 year old by her father. So yeah. I think it sort of has a "train-wreck" style appeal due to the sheer horrificness of the universe proffered and wondering how it can possibly get worse next; I think that was about the only thing that kept me watching.

Today, I finished watching Battlestar Galactica. I had previously seen up through the first half of season 4. Yesterday, the second half that I had preordered some time ago finally arrived. I thought it was alright but it irritated me in several important ways. Spoilers ahoy. Firstly, they managed to kill of two of the hypotenuses on the love dodecahedron centered with Starbuck and Apollo and then, despite these deaths, don't end up with them together. What the hell? That's three corpses that were forced to die for this ship with no resolution in site. Secondly, how about any explanation at all for Starbuck's "rebirth"? Series explanation: god did it. Thirdly, why in the name of the 13 Gods of Kobol would giving up all of your technological advancement and reverting back to hunter and gather or hand plowing be a good idea? How did they manage to get 50,000 people to go along with this? Why did the Cylons--who would almost certainly die out in such a situation due to their unreliable procreative abilities--go along with this? Fourthly, why is Gaius Baltar (admitedly, my favorite character in the show) basically the only person to get a happy ending? Fifthly, why does Cavil eat a bullet? It is almost completely out of character for him. Sixthly, must the denouement really be full episode length?
End spoilers

In a tangentially related note, my copy of Deathnote has been in Altadena (the city where I live) since last Saturday according to the USPS package tracking. It still hasn't appeared at my apartment. I find this very annoying. I plan to go to the Altadena post office tomorrow and see if they can tell me anything.

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