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The Power of Technology
So, I forgot my iPod at home this morning. Rather than turning WMHD into my personal video game music station or listening to NPR all day, I decided to give Pandora a try. I've always heard good things about it from various people, after all.

I gave it a starting point of Daft Punk and then added about 5 other artists. Given the interviening 5 hours with me providing positive and negative feedback, it is providing a rather accurate approximation of my electronica collection along with mixing in some new songs. In fact, of the last 8 songs that it has selected, only 2 are not currently on my iPod. I consider this to be somewhat amazing. I suppose with a large enough corpus of data, such things become possible.

On the other hand, every single advertisement has been for automobile related things: Ford cars or Carmax being the majority. I think this had a subtle influence on me as I noticed that the featured slickdeals blog post was about car shopping and read about it when I usually wouldn't have done so...

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