2008 Oct 10 tifa

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So, on Sunday evening before I left Rose, I and a monotomically decreasing number of people marathoned the 26 episodes of Gantz. I should preface my further remarks by noting that Gantz is not for children, it contains nudity, sex, four-letter words, and ultraviolence.

The following may contain spoilers:

So, the premise of Gantz is that some people, when they die, rather than simply turning into a corpse are teleported away. Once they've been teleported, they are completely healed, provided access to firearms, and are instructed to go out and kill something by a large Orb. What makes the show compelling is how the series slowly brings out the rules of the world and provides believable reactions for the people in it. Unfortunately, the last 5 or 6 episodes are non-canonical, so it might be best to skip them and read the manga instead.

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