2007 Sep 12 namine

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So, last week I finally filled out the paperwork to be reimbursed for my move. The travel department had complained to me that I should have filled out the work over a month ago (though I was unaware of such a need), so I just sat down and filled it out. I figured that this week, I would have a little bit more in my paycheck due to the reimbursement. Unfortunately, the finance people decided that it would be a good idea to also have me pay all due taxes on the parts of my move that were paid for by JPL such as the relocation of my things, paying for my hotel, etc. The net effect of my reimbursement was that my paycheck was approximately one-third of what it usually is. I find this irritating.

I also filled out the paperwork for the HSPD-12 badge. This required me to, among other things, list everywhere I've lived for the past 5 years (along with people who can verify that). I also had to list various other things such as my selective service number, a list of everywhere I worked for the past 5 years (which would include my unemployment during high school), 3 people who "know me well" and cover the last 5 years, and other such nonsense. It was a giant pain because pretty much everyone I've known for the past 5 years has scattered to the winds. At least it is done and I won't have to worry about it anymore (assuming that my badge is approved, that is).

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