2007 Oct 10 harle

Guy Blade Guy Blade---09:30:00

So, in Metroid Prime 3, there are four collectables that you get for doing various things. They are called 'credits' and there are four main types Red (for scanning creatures), Blue (for scanning Lore), Gold (for beating bosses), and Green. Green is where the real trick lies. Green credits are called "Friend Credits". It is impossible to actually earn Friend Credits in the game, instead you earn "Friend Vouchers". Friend Vouchers are sent to other Wiis and produce "Friend Credits" on their Metroid Prime 3 game. It seems as though it requires approximately 15 Friend Credits to unlock everything. Luckily, I have exactly 15 Friend Vouchers. If anyone is interested in setting up some kind of trade, let me know.

Also, apparently I am coming down with a cold. I slept 10 hours yesterday (4 immediately after work). I dislike being sick. This is especially true when being sick causes me to feel like my ear needs to be popped constantly.

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