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Pulling Data
So, last night one of my fraternity brothers asked me to for a copy of a document that I made in college (for reference, that would be my proposed IFC revisions related to budgeting and dues). Now, I know that I had made those after my last laptop disk failure, but shortly after graduating, I formatted my laptop and installed linux on it. Before doing that, however, I made a disk image and saved it on one of my big storage arrays in case I needed anything on it in the future. Unfortuantely, I made a whole disk image rather than just saving the specific partition that I needed. Turns out that linux doesn't provide an easy way to treat a disk image with a partition table as a virtual disk with appropriate virtual moutable partitions.

I ended up pulling the data out of the image by using parted to find the beginning of the NTFS partition and then using dd to make a file of just the partition. Then, I was able to use mount with the loop option to actually mount the partition.

Now that I've pulled what I need most immediately, I think I'll copy over the "My Documents" folder so that I won't need to do this again, though I do have a perfectly fine partition image that could serve a similar purpose.

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