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Shipping Difficulties
Over the weekend, I ordered a case of Bawls Guarana from Amazon because my supply was getting low. I had expected to get it yesterday due to the tracking information, but it didn't come until today. When I opened the box, I was somewhat surprised as the cans, which usually come in a sort of cardbord box with a plastic shrink wrapping, were instead wrapped up in a heavy plastic bag and sealed in with a zip tie. Upon inspection, I quickly discovered why: apparently two of the cans (of 24) had burst in transit. This is actually the second time (out of maybe 4 total orders) that I've gotten Bawls from Amazon where there were damaged cans. The previous occasion, the cans were merely dented and bulged. This time, of the 24 cans, there were two bursts (through the sides no less) and two dented enough that they wouldn't stand upright when left alone. My guess is that the shipping company simply tied them up after the burst and assumed that it was someone else's problem.

I immediately got on the phone with Amazon, hoping to at least get the case pro-rated (i.e., a 1/12 refund). Upon talking to a human, they were exceedinly apologetic and offered me a $15 promotional credit as compensation. I found this very generous since that was about a third of the purchase price. Unfortunately, I did still have to rinse all of the other cans since they'd had soda spilled all over them.

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