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Idiotic Requirements
So, for reasons that I have yet to understand, all of the major delivery companies allow shippers to require a signature for delivery. I am at a loss as to why any shipper levies this requirement as, at least in my own case, such requirements lead to nothing but irritation. Deliveries are generally carried out during the hours that I am at work, who do they expect to sign in such a case? Such requirements may have made sense more than a decade ago when getting a package delivered may have been a more rare occurance, but such requirements make less and less sense as the ease of online ordering has made shipping high-value items commonplace.

This particular rant is directed at DHL--Dell's shipper. DHL was the one responsible for ensuring the prompt arrival of my 360. On Tuesday, they attempted to deliver and left a note asking me to sign. I signed and the next day the left another note with the option to sign marked out in excessively repeated strikethrus. I found this excessively annoying. I have found through discussions with FedEx on similar issues that the solution to this problem is to leave a handwritten note asking the deliveryman to let the package be released without signature. Thus, I am left to wonder, was my first signature for such a release insufficient? Why is the handwritten note acceptable when the standard form is not? Why offer the sign and leave form if you do not intend to accept it? Why does anyone ship something to a residential address and require a signature?

In a completely unrelated issue, I recommend The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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