2009 Jul 21 relm

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My old Lain bag was never particularly good at being a bag and my old backpack has begun to degrade in a bizarre fashion. As such, I decided to look into getting a new bag and about two weeks ago ordered a bag from Timbuk2. I bag initially arrived last week, but was not the one that I ordered. Luckily, the customer service people were very reasonable and cross-shipped me my replacement bag which arrived today:

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

I ordered mine custom. The panel configuration (though it is difficult to tell from the lighting) is teal, pink, purple with a citron (yellow) logo. I chose these colors for two reasons. Firstly, they look decent together. Secondly, they are completely unmistakable from even across a room. I haven't yet tested the bag to see how well it will serve me, but just adjusting the straps and such I've been pretty impressed with how well put together it is. I may have more updates later.

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