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How not to do customer service
So, I recently got a new phone: the Nokia N900. I bought it unlocked from Dell and got it yesterday. It is a pretty spiffy phone--Linux based, slide-out keyboard, touchscreen, 32GB of storage--but it doesn't work very well on the ATT network. Because of the antenna configuration of the device, it works on ATT, but only on the 2G network. The "correct" network for the device is the T-Mobile network. I had been intending to switch to them anyway since they have a plan mostly identical to my current one, but for $10 less per month, so I decided to switch at the same time that I purchased my phone.

I did all of the ordering online and T-Mobile shipped me a new SIM card. It was supposed to arrive yesterday, but I got a signature required note on my door. I signed it and taped it to my door only to find another one stuck on top of it when I got home. Apparently, T-Mobile had shipped an item that they give away for free and which could fit inside a quarter with an in-person signature requirement via UPS. This is completely unacceptable. I am not going to give up a day of work just to pick up a damn SIM card which should have been dropped through my mail slot on the first day it passed nearby.

After calling UPS and fighting with first tier support, I managed to get their second tier person agree to have the package delivered after-hours on Monday. Now, I just have to hope that they actually do it.

T-Mobile, if you're listening, you're doing a lousy job of showing me that I made a good decision by switching to you. ATT didn't even have a signature requirement when I sent my phone for insurance repairs. In fact, I'll take it a step further, I don't believe that there is anything that T-Mobile ships that should require an in-person signature. Most importantly, I don't think that a SIM card warrants an in-person signature.

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