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Interior Update
Earlier today, I put the first hole in my wall since I've lived in my apartment. I did this using a nail so that I could put up my newly framed painting.

The lighting in my apartment makes it hard to get a shot straight on without there being glare, so I present two shots:
Dressed for Success (framed)

Dressed for Success (framed)

Because of the placement of studs in the wall, I had to slightly rearrange the wall's layout. I normally use 3M Picture Hanging Strips to hang pictures rather than driving nails into walls, but the painting framed weighs at least 7 pounds which is pushing the upper limit of what the strips are designed to hold. Regardless, I present the new wall's layout below:

Wall Arrangement Left 2009-07-16Wall Arrangement Right 2009-07-16

Obviously, there is some overlap in the images here. Starting on the left and just barely in the shot is pledge paddle. The first frames on that side are my Theta Xi certificate above my Upsilon Pi Epsilon certificate. Next over is my diploma. Then the picture of my graduating class at RHIT above my Pi Mu Epsilon certificate (apparently I lost my Sigma Pi Sigma certificate during college at some point...). Then we have "Dressed for Success" and finally a Gurren Lagann wallscroll. In theory, this is just an open wallscroll slot that could be switched out, but I don't have any plans to switch it out soon.

Rearranging all this, and putting up the couple of pieces of Haruhi fanart that I bought at Anime Expo, has made me realize that I like having interesting things on my walls. I suspect that this means that I may spend more time in the artist's alley at Anime Expo next year. I also wish that I had a good shot of the 004 cast that I could put up on my wall, but I'm pretty certain that we never made such a thing during the original run and it will only get harder to make one going forward.

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