2008 May 03 celes

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Risk Mitigation
So today, we had people visit from CNES. This meant, for me, 9 hours of meetings. During one of the meetings the CNES Mission Manager told an interesting anecdote:

So, during a particular dress rehersal for the launch of some spacecraft, CNES had food catered in. Catering in food is the modus operandi at CNES if people are required to work after hours. It turns out that the food was somehow bad, and everyone in the lauch team came down with food poisoning meaning that the dress rehersal was a total failure. Due to this, it is now CNES policy to have two restaurants from two different famalies cater during any critical operations (or pretend critical, as with dress rehersals). I consider this to be the kind of policy that is completely reasonable, but which no one would ever think of unless it had happened to them.

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