2002 Jun 17 terra

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Well, its day three of Hoosier Boys State. I'll start about where I left off yesterday. After updating this page, I browsed the periodicals in the basement of the library here at ISU. I saw a few interesting scientific and economic journals, but most were way above my head. Not long after that, I went back to my dorm room and went to sleep, after first eating some dinner. Today, I got up at about 6:00am for the flag raising. They made us march around for no reason which sucked. Also, there was one person who was missing from our "city." That caused no end of trouble. They didn't find him until after county school. Appartenly, he had been stuck in another dorm all night. I'm still not sure what happened to him because he didn't come to the second county meeting. After the first county meeting, I was dragged to a state assembly meeting for a few minutes then came back to the auditiorium to hear an Indiana congressman speak. He was alright, but a tad dry. Ah well. Right after that, I got some rice from the Chinese restaurant at the Student Union, then went to bed. Unfortunately, I was supposed to go to a city meeting at 12:30, but I was asleep until 12:4x and ended up being late to our second county meeting. Once there, I found out the the city meeting had basically been a bitch out session by our councelor. I hope he didn't notice that I wasn't there. >.> <.< Following that, we had "special school." Today, I went to the Media in Politics course. I think that I'll stick with that the rest of the week. It seems more interesting that the speech did. Well, that brings me up to right now. I'm currently sitting in the LUIS computer cluster at the ISU library. After I finish writing this, I'll probably go take a shower and get some sleep and/or eat. For some reason, about all that I can do here is sleep, march, or eat. There just isn't that much fun stuff to do. Ah well.

Um, I don't have much else to say right now except that I miss Melissa u.u

Ok, that's all.

k bye.

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