2010 Jun 22 terra

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Over the weekend, I did some more updates for XPost.

Firstly, I finished with the generalization of the user addition framework. Previously, the parser for user configuration files had to be updated whenever a new type of blog was added or removed. Now, I'm using the reflection framework to automatically deal with new user/blog types. At this point, all that needs to be done is to create a new pair of classes--SomethingUser and SomethingBlog--that are subclasses of the appropriate generic classes--BlogUser and Blog--and compile them in. That will automaticalling add them to the list of available blog types to add.

I made that change so that I could easily add a new type of blog service. As of yesterday, XPost now supports the Cheapass Gamer blogs. Of course, some parts of the support are incomplete. Since CAG uses BBCode to format posts, I have a rudimentary HTML to BBCode converter. Currently, it only handles the things that I use (bold formatted text, links, and line breaks) and strips out any other html tags. Nevertheless, it is better than nothing and I'm now crossposting my game reviews to CAG.

Eventually, I'll probably put up a new binary at the XPost site, but for now the changes are only in SVN. I'm not terribly excited about trying to do another binary build because I've not done one in like 3 years and I no longer have a machine with NSIS set up and running. More importantly, I haven't tested on Windows in like 5 years. I'd like to make sure that whatever I release at least works on Windows with GTK#.

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