2008 Oct 08 namine

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Cost benefit analysis
So, I called the DMV this morning to get my stupid tags. It turns out that, because I didn't notice their absence within 90 days, I will be forced to pay $17 in order to get them to send out new ones. I was incredibly irritated and asked if there was any way they would waive the fee and was told that only a manager in one of the individual brances would have the authority to do that (though they probably would). Unfortunately, the calculus still doesn't come out in my favor because it would take more than 30 minutes to go to the DMV and get it sorted out. Thus, I am once again forced to pay as the cheapest way to get the issue resolved.

When I wrote my check to LA for my ticket, I wrote in the "for" field "The DMV's failure".

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2008 Oct 07 terra

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Home again
I just made it back to my apartment. My flight got in early, so I actually managed to be inside my apartment before it was midnight local time.

Overall, I think homecoming went pretty well. We had a very solid 004 show and it was nice to see many of the people that I hadn't seen for either 6 months or a year. Unfortunately, I have discovered that being around RHIT (or perhaps merely the people I used to hang out with at RHIT) makes me excessively nostalgic, perhaps to the point of making bad decisions. Luckily, few such bad decisions were made by me over the weekend. I took a (very) few pictures and put them up on flickr. For reasons that I don't fully comprehend, Trevor has a dispraportionate representation in my pictures.

In an unrelated issue, my card had a parking violation in the LAX parking lot. Apparently, my license plate has out of date tags. I am incredibly annoyed by this because it made me realize that I renewed my registration in May (they were due in June) and I haven't yet gotten my new stickers. I even have the credit card receipt to prove its renewal. I intend to call the DMV tomorrow and force them to send me updated tags. I'm not going to bother to fight the ticket itself as it is only $25. Fighting it would require me to go to court which would be a losing proposition if I had to take any more than 43 minutes off of work.

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